Betfair Launches In New Jersey, So What?

/ July 31, 2019/ Online Sports Betting

 So Betfair launches in New Jersey, the average American online bet maker says, what does it mean for me? For one thing it means choice, and in a modern world choice means everything. Companies fight tooth and nail for your business, and when a new competitor arrives on the scene, they fight even harder. How do I draw new customers, Betfair asks.

How do I keep my customers, the competitor asks. And the answer to both these questions is simple, offer better deals then the other company, and offer better service. Betair is likely to offer ludicrously good promotional deals in order to draw customers, ones that are too good to refuse. And this, of course, means a lot of smiling local bet makers. A consumer is never obliged to be loyal to one company or the other, and this is the beauty of the situation. Playing one company against the other simply means better deals for the consumer.

Take advantage of this deal, then jump ship and take advantage of another deal. A smart bet maker could go a long way simply by keeping their ear to the ground and snapping up the best deals as they are announced.

Betfair Launches In New Jersey

Betfair is a well known company specialising in online bet making. Founded in 1999, the company is the largest of its type in the world, renowned for providing an excellent online bet making experience. The company is, however, physically located in the United Kingdom, and its reach into other countries has for the longest time been restricted.

There is after all a heap of red tape involved in offering betting services beyond the borders of ones own country, not to mention the obvious problems of having foreigners access your servers across the ocean. It comes as no surprise then that the online gambling news have been ablaze with the headline; Betfair launches in New Jersey.

Yes, the massive betting corporation has officially expanded to the United States and opened a hub in New Jersey. But what does this mean for American bet makers, and can the company even survive with such stiff competition already present in the country? There is much speculation on all these points, but one thing everyone can agree on is that the real winners in this development are the bet makers themselves.

Online Gambling Industry

The headline Betfair launches in New Jersey means one other thing as well, important not just to online bet makers, but for the world in general. The future is going to be an amazing place. The online industry is clearly advancing in leaps and bounds, and where it well end up is anyone’s guess. Already there is a substantial leaning towards the online world being the future, but how this will manifest exactly remains to be seen.

People have never been so connected. One thing that does concern bet makers and sports fans alike is the possibility of virtual sports games. Fancy watching the game at home, and feeling like you’re actually there? It’s already happening. Virtual reality sports games are in development, and will likely arrive in as little as five years.

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