Do Canadians Bet More Or Gamble More? 

Admin/ May 3, 2017/ Online Casino

Canadians have always participated in wagering practices. With the vast array of adrenaline fuelled sports and other games unique to Canada, players opting for betting and gambling in Canada have a wide spread array of options when it comes to betting and gambling.

Players from Canada should be aware that although betting and gambling encompass one another, these two practices are not the same.

Betting and gambling feed off one another, yet each discipline embodies a unique approach to laying the wager.

Defining Betting And Gambling

Players from Canada seeking betting and gambling need to have a firm grasp of each practice as an individual identity, before deciding on which practice suits you the best.

Each discipline has its own rewards; it is down to personal preference between the two. Some players prefer luck-based outcomes, whilst others like to maintain a sense of control over the defined outcome or event.


Betting can be defined as the act of laying a wager on an event or outcome that has been defined. For example, sports betting. In sports betting there is a prediction based on the event, a player or participant would then wager against the prediction, with some prior knowledge and defined strategy, one is able to bet on the prediction with an educated guess as to what might happen.

With this in mind then, betting is the art of determine outcomes via stats and knowledge. Implementing your own personal strategy through experience is likely to yield more lucrative outcomes in the betting realm.


Gambling is not betting. In gambling, players assume risk based on probability, which in turn is purely luck based. Gambling only has one of two distinct outcomes, the win or loose approach, is gambling.

Players opting for gambling do not require any form of strategy or skill. Gambling relies on your chance of winning. Any player partaking in gambling has a chance of winning or loosing. For example, playing slots games. Slots games require no skill or strategy whereas blackjack online in Canada has a slight edge. One simply selects a coin value and hits spin. Once the reels are spinning it is completely up to luck for a win or loss.

The Stats

So what are Canadians doing more often, gambling or betting?

Government run lotteries spiked, from 1992 the lotteries recorded a take of $2.73 billion to a stable modern consistent of just over $13 billion. Pari-mutuel betting has seen a decrease of late, an indication that betting practices have taken a dive.

Casino run enterprises continue to realize growth; the gambling industry had been gaining steady popularity. This is echoed in the fact that the average person of 18 years old and over has a budget for gambling, which increased from $114 to $528.

With the above information in mind, betting and gambling seem to be completely interlinked in Canada. There is no disputing that betting continues to take a dive while gambling continues to thrive in above average households.

Why Gambling

Players from Canada and people in general gamble because of the risk. Overcoming a risk with little to no consequence is a rush that ignites euphoria. In many instances, euphoria negates the risk, leaving players with a sense of accomplishment.

Whether you win or loose, gambling is a pastime that overcomes the world. Shutting out real life and becoming immersed in a realm where anything is possible; is the order of the day for most Canadians engaging in gambling and betting.

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